We believe in giving back.


We regard giving as a social responsibility. Here are some deserving efforts on which we have chosen to focus our contributions.


The Mountain Mission School / Grundy, VA


For nearly 100 years, the Mountain Mission School has served children from 18 months to 18 years who have lost their parents or been abandoned, lifting many out of extreme poverty or violence. The school, which relies entirely on private donations, provides youth from Appalachia and more than 70 countries with an accredited, high-quality education, food and shelter and positive social support. Ultimately, 95 percent of its students attend college — many with scholarships. Learn more.


Physicians’ Impact Fund / Charlotte, NC


Launched by physicians and friends, the Physicians’ Impact Fund relies on the power of collective giving to raise money and distribute high-impact grants to non-profit organizations focused on healthcare in the Greater Charlotte area.  Learn more.



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Chris Conk

SVP Acquisitions / Principal