Offering Terms


Offering Terms:

  • Montecito is launching a $50 - $100 Million physician fund.
  • Launch date estimated to be July 2019.
  • Investment category: medical office buildings throughout the United States.


Timing of Investment:

  • Subscriptions close at $50 Million, which may be increased up to $100 Million over 18 months.
  •  Investors will fund investments over an estimated 12- to 24-month period, as deals close.


Fund Terms – First $50 Million:


*Includes investment from Montecito

**Includes L.P. and G.P. investment from Montecito


Sponsor Fees:

  • 1% Acquisition Fee
  • 50bps Annual Asset Management Fees on Assets Under Management


Actual Timeline*




*Subject to change

For questions regarding Fund Enrollment contact:

Deanna Farnell


For questions regarding Fund Terms contact:

Bob Neyland

Vice President, Strategy


Actual Timeline*

July 2019

Partnership documents and private placement documents completed.


July 2019 to November 2020

Total Fund commitments of $50 Million to $100 Million accepted – minimum investment of $100,000. Commitment period may end sooner than November, 2020 and/or be less than $100 Million at General Partner's Discretion.


July 2019 to July 2021

Medical office buildings acquired and equity capital called (acquisitions period may end sooner than July 2021 at General Partner’s discretion).


July 2022 to July 2024

Portfolio sales – dependent upon market conditions and General Partner’s discretion.


*Subject to change