How We Do it


Our Process:

  1. Montecito has developed deep relationships with leading providers nationwide resulting in an organic and robust pipeline.
  2. We target/verify locations of attractive MOBs, providers and medical markets through our proprietary MRA database.
  3. We acquire 90% off-market (direct referrals or relationships) which typically achieves better pricing.
  4. Our unique Physician Real Estate Partnership (called PREP-a 721 Tax-Free Exchange Vehicle) seeks to cure two major concerns sellers have:
         - Avoiding capital gains taxes; and
         - Getting all owners to sell their real estate
  5. During the Purchase and Sale Agreement process, we restructure and extend leases which reduces our risk and maximizes cash flow and value at exit.
  6. We assemble a large portfolio and then strategically sell in bulk to achieve portfolio premiums.


How Montecito Consistently Achieves Attractive Returns

Montecito Research & Analytics (“MRA”) is a Ten Terabyte Database containing:


This research-driven operating platform is utilized to :

  • Assess healthcare market potential
  • Identify/verify buildings & their owners close to and/or affiliated with strong healthcare providers
  • Identify physician coverage gaps
  • Analyze referral patterns


MRA Database

Montecito ranks 54,000 MOBs Nationally

Detailed market analysis

  • Proprietary analysis allows Montecito to focus on and verify markets that display positive attributes unique to health care segment fundamentals that are not as applicable to other asset classes
  • Montecito places relative weights upon various data points in analyzing various MOBs (see chart below)


Acquisition Process:  2018 Snapshot

Montecito reviewed approximately $12 billion in deals in 2018


Montecito’s acquisition platform focuses on, and acquires only, medical office buildings that meet our investment criteria of dominate providers in the marketplace, with strong financials for the practice, and long term, triple net leases.


Montecito’s Platform Power




For questions regarding Fund Enrollment contact:

Deanna Farnell


For questions regarding Fund Terms contact:

Bob Neyland

Vice President, Strategy