Montecito has a strong track record for creating wins for all participants — as those who have worked with us will tell you.


“Physicians evaluate patients thousands of eyes every year, yet rarely do we sell our professional home: perhaps once or twice in a lifetime. My interface with the entire team at Montecito, where thousands of real estate transactions evolve through the hands of compassionate experts, was both remarkably educational and reassuringly straightforward. I had direct access to the CEO, the Chief Accountant for personalized tax strategy analysis, and the MMAC VP for acquisitions, each providing email turnover within hours, not days. I truly anticipate our continued collaboration through my partial reinvestment, as well as hopefully many more physician friendly acquisitions to come.”

John Sheppard, M.D.

Virginia Eye Consultants


“When I was originally approached about selling our real estate assets, my answer was that I was not interested. As CEO of OrthoCarolina, I represent 160 physicians and 39 offices, so getting our group to agree to sell our real estate was challenging and complex. As we got to know the Montecito leaders, I started to see the benefits of considering a sale of our real estate assets. Coincidentally we had an interaction with them on a very contentious situation with a joint venture partner of ours in a property that Montecito owned. Chip and the staff of Montecito were fantastic to work with and very professional in helping us come to resolution of a difficult problem.  This interaction led me to explore working with them further.”    Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Bruce Cohen, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer




“We originally talked with Montecito in 2013 and thought they would be a good real estate partner for our group. However, we had an onerous defeasance on our loan. It took four years for the defeasance to burn off. Montecito was patient and handled the situation effectively and professionally. The executives at Montecito were always available to discuss the transaction when needed, walk us through the process, and answer any questions efficiently.”    Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Frank S. York, Ill, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Flowood, MS


“Montecito recently acquired three of the assets in our portfolio… and was flexible in allowing us to stagger the closing of the remaining three buildings to lesson our tax burden. They worked with us to overcome various hurdles that are a necessary part of large, complex, real estate transaction involving properties in multiple states with varying restrictions and approval processes.”    Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Randall Sermons

HMG General Counsel

Kingsport, TN


“Montecito Medical acquired our building at the agreed upon purchase price, and did not try and re-trade us whatsoever. We found their streamlined due diligence process to be efficient and hassle-free and the transaction closed on time. In addition, it was also important to our company that Montecito allow us to continue to manage the property to ensure our strong relationship with the hospital, which we have had for over 15 years.  Furthermore, their executives were available to discuss the transaction when needed, and communicated efficiently and effectively.”  Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

David P. Wilson, CCIM

Executive Vice President

Lockard Companies


“The experience with Montecito was a seamless and hassle-free transaction that allowed us to monetize the assets, re-invest in the acquiring entity and keep all property management. Clearly a win-win, which was why our physician group ultimately voted in favor of the sale.”  Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

James  R  Rouse, CPA

Chief Administration Officer



“We were able to maximize our return on the building by selling to Montecito Medical and to do so where we were able to re-invest back into the new entity buying it. It was important to many of our physicians to continue to have some level of ownership in the properties where they practice.”

Richard Panek

CEO, State of Franklin
Healthcare Associates

Johnson City, TN


“I would highly recommend Montecito Medical to anyone who is considering selling their medical real estate. The due diligence process was smooth and timely; Montecito did not re-trade any part of the Letter of Intent or contract; and they closed the deal on the exact terms of the contract. With their knowledge and experience of health systems, Montecito Medical was helpful in negotiating an extension to the leases with the hospital.”  Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Gary A. Stewart, Jr.

Stewart Properties

York, PA


“Montecito played a critical role in getting the hospital to amend their leases to allow me to sell both buildings and to capture the best possible economic terms. They actually negotiated with the hospital and allowed the hospital to make changes that they felt important to the existing leases.”  Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Kevin Mattson

Managing Partner,
Dirigo Capital Advisors

Hallowell, ME


“We had some lease-up to get to 100 percent occupancy, and Montecito was able to work with us in capturing that value after the close of escrow. Also, I was offered and accepted the option of investing in the new entity that purchased the property, which has allowed me to have a second bite at the apple.”  Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Clay Corwin

Stone Creek Company

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


“Montecito was very experienced with complex negotiations involving a large health system like UCLA, and they were helpful in working closely with my company and UCLA (the only tenant in the building) in getting the deal closed…. I look forward to doing more transactions with Montecito Medical in the future.”  Read Entire Letter of Recommendation >>

Randy Miller

Nautilus Group, Inc.

Berkeley, CA


“Any owner considering selling their medical offices would be fortunate to have Montecito Medical as a buyer…. We valued Montecito’s reasonable due diligence process, and that they closed the deal on the terms of the purchase and sale agreement.”

Randy Russell

SportsMed Properties, LLC

Matthews, NC




Montecito Medical Real Estate

3100 West End Avenue,
Suite 750

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Chris Conk

SVP Acquisitions / Principal