Chris Conk

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions/Principal

As one of Montecito's founding partners, Chris assists in the strategic placement of capital in acquisitions and has been a key part of Montecito's extraordinary growth. He is responsible for leading and coordinating the company's acquisitions, which represent 130+ deals across the country.

Chris ranks among an elite group of professionals who have been at the pinnacle of both medical office and residential real estate segments. Chris has over a decade of experience with all aspects of the healthcare real estate industry and has negotiated and managed over $1.5 billion in medical-related real estate acquisitions.

Prior to starting Montecito Medical, Chris was a founding partner in Montecito Property Company, where he was instrumental in the acquisition of more than $2 billion of multi-family residential units in 14 states.

Chris graduated from The University of California at Santa Barbara.