Win with Montecito

Contact us for a strong offer on your medical real estate.

Why did more owners trust Montecito to acquire their medical office properties last year than any other buyer?


1.   We help physicians gain more control over their financial futures, so they can build wealth while building stronger practices for their patients.


2.   With Montecito, you can maintain ownership in your property after the sale, with opportunities for tax deferral, ongoing income, and additional profit when the real estate sells as part a large portfolio.


3.   Our creative structure makes succession planning easier by aligning interests of senior and younger physicians in your group.


4.   We equip physician groups with more resources for growth and investments in new technologies and services.


5.   Because we’re privately held, we don’t answer to Wall Street. We answer to the physicians we serve. And you can always talk directly with a decision-maker.


6.   With Montecito, you don’t simply become a participant in a real estate transaction. You gain a partner who is invested in your long-term success.


7.   We help groups reduce debt and operational risk.


8.   We can help you harness the power of data to assess potential new markets for entry, pinpoint optimal locations for new offices, identify physician service gaps and make strategic decisions faster and with greater confidence.


Contact us for a strong offer on your medical real estate.


“The reputation of Montecito among physicians is outstanding.” 

Dr. John Sheppard, President, Virginia Eye Consultants


“We loved their reputation, people and culture.” 

Dr. Jitesh Patel, Advanced Urology, Atlanta, GA


“We just felt very comfortable working with Montecito.” 

Scot Davis, CEO, Arkansas Urology


“I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Montecito.” 

Bruce Cohen, CEO, OrthoCarolina


“The option to reinvest was a strong positive in favor of Montecito’s deal structure.” 

Matthew Stearns, COO, Murfreesboro Medical Clinic

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