Physicians take care of everyone. Montecito takes care of physicians. Properties for Sale

Sell your building and own it, too.

With Montecito, you can retain an ownership stake in your property after the sale, on a tax-deferred basis, with opportunities to:

Monthly Income Stream

Enjoy Regular Cash Flow

PREP – Physician Real Estate Partnership

Defer Capital Gains Taxes

Tax-Deferred Re-investment into your Real Estate

Earn Additional Profits

Helping Providers Grow Revenue, Reduce Costs and Better Serve Their Patients

Montecito has long been a leader in harnessing the power of data to deliver value in medical real estate. Building on that expertise, we have partnered with innovative leaders in AI to offer software solutions that enable healthcare providers optimize key areas of their operations in ways that yield benefits both to their bottom line and to their patients.

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Our portfolios have outperformed Wall St. and large healthcare REITs.

Since inception in 2006, Montecito has earned an internal rate of return of 24.8%. Click below to view more of our properties.

Physicians, developers and brokers have made us No. 1.

We've grown to become one of the largest privately held acquirers of medical real estate. And we’ve been named the key influencer in the field by



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Our not-so-secret ingredient is trust.

We have relationships with some of the most prestigious names in healthcare.

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