Meet Our Team

We are available 24/7 to talk about your medical real estate needs and goals. For us, that's both a competitive advantage and a point of pride.

Chip Conk

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Conk

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions/Principal

Joellyn Shannon

Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives/Principal

Glenn Preston


Bryan Skelton

Chief Financial Officer

Blake Wylie

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Maas

General Counsel

Robert Neyland

Vice President of Strategy

Bryan Brown

Senior Vice President Acquisitions

Justin Hayball

Chief Investment Officer

Rus Gudnyy

Senior Vice President Investments

David McNeil

Senior Vice President of Property & Asset Management

Harold Clawson

Vice President of Accounting & Analytics

Doris Lacson

Vice President Corporate Controller

Bill May

Senior Vice President of Asset Management

Alexis Wales, CPA

Senior Vice President of Accounting

Tyler Rhoades

Business Development Associate

Nicole Romano-Meyer

Marketing Manager

Karina Juhasz

Regional Asset Manager

Lucas McIntosh

Investment Analyst

Patrick Farno

Manager of Asset Management

Randy Horick

Director of Strategic Communications

Alex Nicholson

Business Development Representative

Kaitie Prindle

Corporate Accountant

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