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Why brokers love working with Montecito.

We have a way of making brokers look like heroes in the eyes of their medical real estate clients. Here are a few of the reasons why we've earned their trust — and why they continue to bring acquisition opportunities to us:

  • Medical real estate is our only focus for acquisitions. We know the market — and how to get deals done.
  • Thanks to our proprietary research and analytics platform, we know the values of medical office real estate in every market in the country.
  • We consistently offer top-dollar pricing.
  • We create more wins for sellers. Like no one else, we offer physicians opportunities to reinvest in their property AND to co-invest with us in additional medical office properties. In this way, we become their long-term partner to help physicians maximize their wealth in medical real estate.
  • We're known for smooth handling of even complex transactions.
  • There's no bureaucracy with Montecito. You can always talk to a decision maker who will get answers to you fast.
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PREP: How Physicians Enjoy a Second Bite of the Apple

Through Montecito's unique Physician Real Estate Partnership (PREP), sellers can reinvest in their property while enjoying a number of additional advantages.
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