Veterinary Real Estate
Upstate Veterinary Emergency Specialty Care | Greenville, SC

Veterinarians take care of our pets. We take care of veterinarians.

Maximize your veterinary real estate.

  • Monetize your buildings to liberate capital.
  • With Montecito, you can sell your building and stay an owner — with opportunities for ongoing income, deferred capital gains and additional profits down the road.
  • Enjoy opportunities to invest in portfolios of prime veterinary and medical properties.
  • Gain a long-term partner for maximizing your wealth in veterinary and medical real estate and building an even stronger financial future.

Gain a development partner for new properties.

  • We help veterinary practices successfully manage growth and expansion.
  • We can acquire the building at Certificate of Occupancy, provide development capital or deliver a turnkey solution through a joint venture structure.
  • Through our proprietary data engine, we can pinpoint optimal locations for growth.

Gain access to AI-powered technology solutions that increase revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Supercharge clinician recruiting through instant sourcing that identifies the best long-term fits.

Polaris Health

Optimize staff scheduling to reduce labor costs and clinician burnout. Accurately predict patient volume by the hour up to 8 weeks in advance.


Leverage AI to pinpoint optimal locations for growth and expansion based on a vast array of demographic and provider data.

What to expect when you sell

  1. Prospective acquisitions go to Montecito's underwriting team for analysis.
  2. Montecito sends you a letter of intent (LOI) with a formal offer and purchase price.
  3. If you agree to the proposed terms, sign the LOI and return to us.
  4. We will submit a Purchase-Sale Agreement (PSA), which both sides will discuss and reach mutual agreement.
  5. We perform due diligence on the property.
  6. The transaction closes. (While all transactions vary, we often can close within 60 days of receiving a signed LOI.)

PREP: How you can stay invested and enjoy a “second bite of the apple”

Through Montecito’s distinctive Provider Real Estate Partnership (PREP), you can retain ownership in your property after the sale while enjoying many bottom-line advantages.

Schedule an appointment with Montecito to talk about real estate or technology solutions.

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