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Every healthcare development project is different. We have the flexibility to make each deal more successful for you.

Ken Birdsong
Senior Vice President
Development Services

healthcare development project

Montecito is in the business of working with developers — with bottom-line advantages to you that set us apart. We can structure a partnership to meet any or all of your unique development needs.

  • Flexible Partnership Structures

    We can serve as a joint venture partner or takeout partner, tailoring our investment capital structure around your specific needs.
  • Debt Sourcing

    Montecito leverages relationships with national lenders to secure construction financing.
  • Proprietary Research Analytics Platform

    Developers partnering with Montecito gain the benefit of Scout Insight, a proprietary data engine we use to identify preferred locations for healthcare projects and the medical specialties best suited for them.
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Reinvestment Opportunities

We provide ongoing investment opportunities for our partners to participate in the asset’s cash flows, enjoy tax deferral benefits, and realize portfolio premium values upon asset disposition.

How It Works

New opportunities with providers

We leverage our relationships with physician groups to bring you new opportunities.

A strong team with diverse experience

Our development team offers experience that encompasses oversight of medical development projects, partnership structures, underwriting and funding.

We'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you about partnering with Montecito to make the most of your medical real estate opportunities. Please call Ken Birdsong, Senior Vice President of Development Services, at 615-965-4443.

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What Healthcare Providers and Developers Say About Working with Montecito

Scot Davis
Former CEO of Arkansas Urology

Howard Saffan
Owner of Bishop Development

Ricky Core
President of Markel Eagle Partners

They are deal-doers and always looking for ways to make something work. They’re competitive on price, great to work with, and known for doing what they say they’re going to do.

Ryan Lingerfelt
Lingerfelt Commonwealth Partners

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