Why developers of medical office properties are developing strong relationships with Montecito.

When they enter into a takeout deal with Montecito, developers of medical office buildings gain a world of new opportunities.

  • They free up equity for developing new properties.
  • They get top dollar.
  • They gain tax savings under the structure of our takeout deals.
  • They can reinvest in the property they just sold.
  • They can co-invest in other properties that we acquire.
  • They can continue to manage their building after the sale.

It was an easy to decision to work with Montecito. They are experienced, straightforward and very professional. Their team really knows what they’re doing, and the whole process was smooth with an easy close — the way it should be.

Hunter Haynes
HCH Consulting, Rogers, AR

Since 2004, Montecito Medical has earned a reputation for helping physician groups and developers gain both immediate and lasting benefits. We invite you to read a few case studies.

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Through Montecito's unique Take-Out Partnerships (TOPS), we acquire existing medical office properties and provide developers with valuable advantages in return.

1. Experience

Drawing on our expertise in the medical real estate space and our proprietary research and analytics platform, we will work with developers to establish a take-out price for their medical real estate when they obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

2. Re-Investment

When the transaction closes, the developer may reinvest a portion of the sale price as equity in the property. The reinvestment is structured as a tax-free contribution, creating significant tax savings.

3. Distributions

The property will become part of a larger portfolio of medical office buildings over an acquisition and investment period. Investors receive regular distributions with no added fees during this period.

4. Profiting

After the hold period or when market conditions indicate, Montecito will sell the asset as part of a portfolio, or opt to sell as a one-off disposition.

Enhance your access to capital.

Montecito also can fund the equity that developers need for joint venture projects in healthcare real estate. Through our relationships with some of the nation's largest institutional investors, we can provide access to capital that may be considerably less expensive than what is generally available in lending markets.

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