Physicians take care of everyone. Montecito takes care of physicians.

When they sell their office buildings to Montecito and lease them back from us, physician groups gain a world of advantages:

  • They free up critical capital to invest in new technologies, pay off debt and expand their practices.
  • They gain opportunities to benefit from additional revenue streams by re-investing¬†with us in their property. And they can continue to manage the property if they choose.
  • Our flexibility and expertise in structuring sale-leaseback deals allows groups to align the interests of physicians, who gain more flexibility to distribute shares of ownership as older physicians exit the practice and new ones come aboard.
  • And they gain a long-term partner that can help them maximize their wealth in medical real estate and build an even stronger financial future.
  • We complete dozens of transactions every year, but our relationships with physician groups are never just transactional. Instead, we invite sellers to become partners in our mutual success.
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What to expect when you sell

No two transactions are alike.
But here's how the process typically flows:

Prospective deals go to Montecito's underwriting team for analysis.
We send you a letter of intent (LOI) with a formal offer and purchase price.
If you agree to the proposed terms, return the signed LOI to us.
We submit a Purchase-Sale Agreement (PSA), which we will discuss and mutually agree to.
We perform due diligence on the property.
The transaction closes.


PREP: How Physicians Enjoy a Second Bite of the Apple

Through Montecito's unique Physician Real Estate Partnership (PREP), sellers can reinvest in their property while enjoying a number of additional advantages.

Depending on how quickly we receive a signed LOI and the amount of due diligence required, we can often complete the transaction within 60 days.

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