Montecito-Backed Clinician Recruitment AI, Winnow, Wins 2022 Healthcare Startup Award


Winnow, clinician recruitment AI software that is part of Montecito’s growing platform of AI-powered technology solutions for healthcare providers, has earned a NEXT Award for Healthcare Startup of the Year from the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.  

Montecito is co-owner of Winnow, which enables providers to manage all aspects of clinician recruitment, identifying “best-fit candidates” with an unprecedented degree of speed, accuracy and ease.

Winnow leverages artificial intelligence to aggregate and analyze millions of data points among candidates and identify the best targets for recruitment in a matter of seconds. It uniquely helps providers uncover candidates who aren’t currently looking for new positions but have a propensity to leave their current jobs. It also identifies candidates who are connected to other clinicians in the provider’s group, enhancing the data points providers can leverage for successful recruitment.

“We feel incredibly honored to receive this award just one year after launching this venture,” said Paul Vernich, CEO of Winnow. “We think the recognition speaks to both the acuity of the challenge of clinician recruitment in healthcare today and the power of Winnow as a game-changing solution.”

Vernich added: “With a growing shortage of clinicians, recruitment is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare today. CEOs of provider organizations spend an inordinate amount of their time on recruitment — a cycle that traditionally has required months of time and costly engagement of numerous outside resources. With Winnow, anyone can easily enter search parameters and immediately identify the candidates who are best fits for the position and should be the top targets for recruitment.

“With this disruptive technology, providers can cut their recruitment cycle in half while maximizing their pool of candidates and improving their results.”

“Our company follows a simple, overarching philosophy,” said Chip Conk, CEO of Montecito Medical: ‘Physicians take care of everyone. Montecito takes care of physicians.’ After building a reputation for helping providers build wealth and stronger practices through medical real estate, we have created a powerful technology platform to further our mission by helping physicians increase revenue, reduce costs and build wealth.” 

Other solutions in Montecito’s platform include Calm Waters, which improves accuracy in E/M coding to save time and money; Polaris, which optimizes clinician scheduling to increase efficiency and reduce both costs and provider burnout; and Scout Insight, a customized, AI-powered decision support engine that helps providers make important decisions about growth and expansion with greater speed and confidence.

Winnow was developed in conjunction with SwitchPoint Ventures, an award-winning, Nashville based team that partners with business leaders in healthcare and other industries to drive rapid technological innovation. Montecito Medical also collaborated with SwitchPoint to develop Scout Insight and is an investor in the company’s Polaris predictive staffing platform.

The NEXT Awards are bestowed as part of an annual ceremony that recognizes entrepreneurs who are transforming industries and strengthening the Middle Tennessee community and beyond. The program honors businesses across different sizes and industry categories. The Nashville Entrepreneur Center (NEC) is a non-profit founded by business leaders who wanted to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and to celebrate the spirit and tenacity of the Nashville entrepreneurial community. 

About Montecito Medical
Montecito Medical is one of the nation’s largest privately held companies specializing in healthcare-related real estate acquisitions and partnering with physicians and developers to fund development of medical real estate. The company also supports providers with a suite of AI-powered technology solutions that increase revenues, reduce costs and build physician wealth. Since 2006, Montecito has completed transactions involving more than $5 billion in medical real estate. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, the company was named for six consecutive years as a “key influencer in healthcare real estate” by and the editors of Real Estate Forum. For more information, please visit

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