Partner for Success: Leading Healthcare Real Estate Company

Looking for a healthcare real estate company that goes beyond bricks and mortar? At Montecito Medical, we're more than just investors and developers. We're your trusted real estate partner, dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals to build stronger practices and deliver exceptional care.

Why Choose Montecito?

Nationally recognized leader: With over $5.5 billion in real estate acquisitions, we're one of the largest privately held healthcare real estate companies in the US.
Building relationships: Our team is committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth and success every step of the way.
Data-driven approach: We leverage data and analytics to inform our decisions and ensure you're making the best choices for your future.
Experience across the spectrum: Whether you're a health system, part of a practice group, or an individual practitioner, we offer an array of opportunities for building wealth through healthcare real estate:
  • Monetizing your medical office buildings
  • Retaining partial ownership in buildings you sell
  • Development of new healthcare real estate properties
  • Investing in portfolios of carefully selected medical office properties
Innovative technology: As part of our mission to empower you, we offer a growing platform of AI-powered tools to optimize operations, streamline workflows, and enhance patient care. This includes solutions for clinician recruitment and scheduling, E/M coding, and more.

Who We Serve


Healthcare Providers

Unlock value and retain control through our Provider Real Estate Partnership (PREP), keeping partial ownership even after selling your building. Find our more


We offer flexible partnership structures, construction financing, and data-driven insights to make your projects more successful. Find our more


Become your clients' hero with a buyer that offers competitive prices, surety of close, opportunities to retain ownership in the property, and long-term wealth-building strategies. Find our more

Montecito Medical: A Track Record of Success and Innovation

For five years running, and the editors of Real Estate Forum have recognized Montecito Medical as a key influencer in healthcare real estate. This recognition speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and our dedication to empowering healthcare and veterinary professionals.

But beyond accolades, our success is measured in results. Our portfolio has consistently outperformed Wall Street and large healthcare REITs, demonstrating the market insights and selectivity that guide our healthcare real estate investments.

Since 2006, we've achieved consistently excellent returns for our investor partners, solidifying Montecito’s position as a leader in the healthcare real estate industry. Click below for some of our success stories.

Key Influencer in Healthcare Real Estate

For six consecutive years, Montecito has been named as a leader in healthcare real estate.

Case Studies

Read a few case studies on how Montecito has worked with medical office owners and medical commercial real estate brokers to create winning transactions and partnerships.

View Case Studies

Empower Your Practice: Partner with Montecito Medical for Real Estate Success

Partnering with a proven leader in the field offers you peace of mind, knowing you're backed by a commitment to quality and a track record of success.

Ready to unlock your practice's full potential? Contact Montecito Medical today.

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